Room Nine


this article Room Nine is a beauty salon placed in the periphery of Glasgow. Angela, its owner, decided to refurbish it and re-launch the brand in order to stand out from the competition. She was planning to attract high-end customers. Therefore, Room Nine’s value proposition wasn’t about the range of services or the price of them but about making each client’s visit both memorable and enjoyable.  
The brand required an update in its visual identity to represent this new positioning. Influenced by Chanel, Angela’s favorite fashion brand, a sophisticated and modern symbol was developed. It represents Room Nine’s initials (R and 9) inside a squared shape figure that stands for the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of the salon. Along with the symbol, a contemporary and elegant font was chosen for the logotype and gold, white and black became the brand main colors. A pattern with a touch of French chic was created as well to be used in stationery designs.
The project was completed with the design of gift vouchers, loyalty cards and a WordPress site that you can visit here.

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