Glenfruin Development Company

0 Glenfruin Development Company takes its name from The Battle of Glen Fruin, an historic event in Scotland that put the Clan Gregor and the Clan Colquhoun face to face. Gary McGregor, its founder, is proud of his familiar heritage and when setting the company up he had no doubt in naming it after this milestone in Scottish history. I was approached by Gary with the task of creating a brand identity, stationery and a website for the company. After a research on the topic, I found out that Clan Gregor’s heraldic crest was a lion’s head and that its tartan colors were red, black and green. Therefore, the solution I provided for the brand identity was a modern reinterpretation of their crest. I drew up a lion’s head, rendered in the form of a digital icon. The brand colors stayed the same as the clan’s but replacing green for white.

As a stationery design element I decided to use topographical maps in order to reflect the importance of the geography both in the famous battle and in the construction industry. To complete the job, a one-page site was built using WordPress. You can visit it here.

This is one of those projects that make you love what you do. Not only you work from research to execution but you also increase your cultural background while doing it.