Akhil Sesh Album Packaging

Emerging rapper from Detroit Akhil Sesh inquired about an album packaging design for his upcoming album ‘Free My Shooter’. The album is planned to release in both vinyl and cassettes during October 2017.
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Puerto de Indias Multimedia

Personal project where I develop multimedia assets around the same creative concept for sevillian gin brand Puerto de Indias.
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Celtic FC Ticket Campaign

In year 2017, Celtic FC celebrate the 50th anniversary of the achievement of the one and only European Cup that they have won in their history. To commemorate this milestone, the club decided that the concept behind 2016-2017 season ticket campaign would have to revolve around the celebrated victory. Fortunately for me, as I am passionate about football, the agency I was working in was assigned to create this campaign. Aiming to mix past and present and under the claim “Live the legend, be part of it”, we developed several pieces for online and offline formats, a website and a spot, where players from both the legendary squad and the present team were put together in the same spacetime. I was required to create various pieces that would appear in magazines, press and social media.
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